Adhering to the strict philosophy of the Pisgah brewers, this mouth watering coffee stout is brewed just miles downstream from America's most beautiful watershed.  Brewed with coffee beans from Dynamite Coffee Roasters, and weighing in at a respectable 6.8% abv, the aroma of fresh coffee leaps from the glass, and finishes slightly dry.  Treat yourself to the finest coffee stout this season.  Unfiltered for your enjoyment.  

Chocolate Stout

An array of dark malts and a heaping dose of cocoa nibs* from French Broad Chocolate Lounge make this chocolate stout an instant classic.  Aged on nibs for a number of weeks, this beer displays the gentle alchemy of chocolate and malted barley.  Available now on the Nitro tap for superior smoothness.                                                          *Broken pieces of the cocoa bean. FBCL’s chocolate maker hand-sorted, roasted, cracked, & winnowed beans from the La Red Guaconejo cooperative of the Dominican Republic. 

Greybeard IPA

Light in body with beautiful bronze finish.  This West Coast-style IPA is made with a blend of Nugget and Chinook hops, lending to a strong floral, piney, citrus character.  Enjoy a mouthful of serious hop delight.  Perfect for the hophead inside us all!

Amber Lager

The newest creation from the Pisgah Brewers, this malty delight comes in around 6% with a caramel body and clean, crisp finish.


Our triple ale contains moderately fruity esters of banana and spicy clove mixed with an alcoholic complexity supported by a soft malt character.  One of Pisgah's most celebrated efforts, this Belgian classic is pale gold in color and comes in at 9.5% ABV

Vortex I

The hoppiest beer in Buncombe County!  With over 3.5 grams of 4 distinct varieties of super high alpha hops per glas, lupulin lover rejoice! Triple Pale Ale!

Vortex II

Treat yourself to the drink of choice for Imperial Czars and Nobelmen of the old Russian court.  One of the darkest of Pisgah beers, this stout will explore the boundaries of your pallet while subtly pounding the weaker links between your slower braincells.  Enjoy with friends, and appropriate amounts of caution.

Hellbender Barleywine

Organic brown sugar and Centennial hops give this English-style barleywine its smooth finish and extra body.  At a hefty 9.8% ABV, this beer is a tribute to North America's largest salamander, the Hellbender.

Nitro Stout

Roasted barley and caramel malt lend this creamy brew a smooth and tasty flavor.  With our use of nitrogen and a special creamer faucet, Pisgah's classic stout honors other famous brews from the British Isles.

Pale Ale

Pisgah Pale is a perfect blend of rich organic malts with whole-leaf Chinook and Nugget hops.  A crisp, clean profile makes this, our flagship beer, distinct.  31 I.B.U.

Belgian Golden

This belgian-style ale is light in esthers of banana and forward in citrus and bubblegum notes.  Full in flavor yet light in body, this ale features Belgian Gold yeast from the infamous Duvel Brewery of Belgium.


This 17th century traditional is a Pisgah staff favorite. Our German-style bock is brewed with Munich malt, whole-leaf hops, and the right German yeast strain to give it the authenticity this style deserves.  Originally brewed for lent to serve as liquid bread for the monks, this beer is loaded with notes of toasted barley malt and backed-up with hint of caramel and toffee.  This rare German treat goes down smooth and finishes clean!

James’ Brown Ale

The hardest working beer in Buncombe county, a hint of organic chocolate malt lends this classic brown ale a medium caramel infused body with a deep mahogany color. A malt forward presence showcases Pisgah's line of organic ingredients while leaving this beer remarkably drinkable.

Polar Vortex

What began as an idea on a whim, this Imperial Lager was born of inspiration.  Focusing on organic 2-row and Mt Hood hops, this is what happens when you brew a half-batch of beer with a full batch's worth of ingredients. Sneaky at 8% ABV


This traditional Black Lager is dark in color, with slight hints of roast and chocolate in the aroma.  Cold fermented and aged, the highlights of this beer include a smooth finish and sure drinkability.  A treat from the Pisgah Brewers!