The darkest of Pisgah brews, the beer formerly known as Vortex II took a significant transformation when Pisgah brewers added a heavy dose (25lbs in 5bbls) of raw cocoa nibs to the brite tanks, thus creating what will now only be known as "Chocolatized". Congratulations to the brewers, as this Russian Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs brought home a coveted Gold Medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for the Chocolate Beer Category.

NOW AVAILABLE IN 6-PACK CANS FOR A LIMITED TIME!!  This seasonably brewed Amber ale exudes a rich, toasted flavor from a base of four organic malts with a crisp hop finish brought on by the edition of Nugget, Centennial, and Mt.Hood hops.  Our Amber ale is brewed bi-annually to coincide with the LEAF festivals in Black Mountain, NC.  10% of all proceeds go to LEAF in Schools and Streets.  Treat yourself and your community.

Our triple ale contains moderately fruity esters of banana and spicy clove mixed with an alcoholic complexity supported by a soft malt character.  One of Pisgah's most celebrated efforts, this Belgian classic is pale gold in color and comes in at 9.5% ABV

Pisgah Pale is a perfect blend of rich organic malts with whole-leaf Chinook and Nugget hops.  A crisp, clean profile makes this, our flagship beer, distinct.  31 I.B.U.

We proudly present the 2nd annual edition of the Butcher Babe Smoked Porter, brewed in honor of local butchery and meat shop Butcher Babe right here in Black Mountain, NC!  Roasted barley and notes of chocolate balance this porter brewed with a special (and literal) smoked malt.  A late edition of local honey from Sunbird Honey Farms adds a subtle sweetness to this bold brew. Enjoy this well-rounded, unique beer, reminiscent of an open fire.

**AVAILABLE 11/11/14** - In the spirit of Greybeard IPA comes a new hoppy delight...  Brushy Knobb IPA (like Brushy Knobb mountain of the 7-sisters range) is a Citra focused ale on the hot-side with a combination of Citra and Chinook hops added on the cold side while finishing.  This pleasantly bitter brew is stuffed with hops in the west-coast tradition of IPA's.  The Citra and Chinook hops deliver a fruity and pungent aroma on the nose, while Citra carries it home with the desirable bitter aftermath left on the pallet. 6.8% ABV

In the Sprit of Metanoia comes the latest creation of the barrel-aging program at Pisgah Brewing. Known as Pisgah Oak Aged Pale (P.O.A.P.) this beer is exactly as it sounds - the classic Pisgah Pale Ale aged for a year in Oak wine barrels. A proprietary blend of barrels makes this unique sour beer tart and robust from start to finish. Released in a limited run of 750ml bottles on 11/25/14. 4.8% abv

This marzen-style lager, brewed with munich malts in the old world tradition, is rich in body and crisp on the palette.  A favorite style of the Pisgah brewers, this Oktoberfest is full in flavor from a carefully balanced organic grain-bill.  Sessionable and enjoyable at 5.5% ABV.

Five organic malts are blended and balanced by a single addition of whole-leaf Chinook or Nugget hops. This, one of the darkest of Pisgah beers, is rich and smooth!

This blonde, English-style drought beer is pushed through a nitro creamer faucet which creates a classic 'whipped cream,' foamy head and waterfall pour.  A light 4 %ABV and lower carbonation produces the ultimate session beer.