Max Gross WeightInside the Taproom
Show:8:00 pm
Food Vendor: Purple People Feeder
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Rock/Blues/Jam
In the spirit of the great power trios of rock history Max Gross Weight drops a heavy sound on the listener. Inspired by rock giants like Jimi Hendrix Experience, Rush, Nirvana, and Cream, Max Gross Weight is chasing a decidedly rock and roll aesthetic but they draw their influences and inspiration from sources outside of a typical rock sound.

Bandleader Bradley “Chum” Carter brings a devotion to pop songcraft, jazzy improvisation, and roots music to Max Gross Weight’s sound but influences are wide ranging and diverse. The band is always looking for ways to blend new and different genres to create fresh and interesting rock and roll music. Initially influenced by “Newgrass” and Jazz from the likes of Tony Rice and Danny Gatton Max Gross Weight’s sound has recently gone back to the source to incorporate more blues and funk into their sound. As a live act the band play a tight high energy driving set of music but leave plenty of room for improvisation.

2018 finds the band releasing their first EP “Cliffrose and Pine.”