Papadosio’s Summer Seequencew/ Kalya Scintilla, Living Light + Futexture (Late)Outdoor Stage
Gate:5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm
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$22.50 in Advance, $25 Day of Show
$55 Hopster VIP
Treat yourself to: Electronic/Vibe/Jam

Food Vendor: DOGS, Mountain View BBQ, Grateful Roots, Root Down
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5:00pm – Hopster VIP Early Entry

5:30pm – General Admission Gates Open

6:00pm – 1st VIP Guided Brewery Tour & Tasting (Meet in Taproom at the Indoor Stage)

6:00pm – Living Light

6:30pm – 2nd VIP Guided Brewery Tour & Tasting (Meet in Taproom at the Indoor Stage)

7:00pm – Kalya Scintilla

7:00pm – 3rd and FINAL VIP Guided Brewery Tour & Tasting (Meet in Taproom at the Indoor Stage)

8:45pm – Papadosio

11:00pm – Outdoor Stage Hard Curfew

11:05pm – Futexture (Late Night Indoor Stage)


Falling somewhere between rock, jazz and electronic mayhem we find space rock. This is a genre that is not readily defined, and is a state of mind as much as it could be considered a genre. This range of frequencies is where Papadosio tends to spend their time, sometimes dining in deep space, and other times snacking right on your front porch. Papadosio strives to create music that is strangely familiar, and calls all walks of humanity to bask in a unique experience celebrating the one constant in an ever changing world: music.

Join Papadosio in an effort to create, augment, and rejoice in the universal language of music.

Most importantly, have a good time.



Australian Music Producer and Founder of Merkaba Music, Kalya (Ka –lee- yah) Scintilla ( Sin–till –ah) has always had a love for music; playing in garage bands, banging on drum kits, spinning vinyl in the night clubs of Sydney and getting down to funk! Kalya had a knowing one night listening to one of the most profound pieces of visionary music from the legendary Herbie Hancock, that his soul’s mission was to make music his life’s devotion. Soon after this experience he enrolled himself into a two year audio engineering course and eventually left the city to work on music in the country deep into nature.

Taking on small part time jobs to get him by, he made his sole focus and time dedicated to honing his craft. He signed on with Zenon records in 2009 putting him on the map inside the psy-trance world with his first project, Merkaba. His second project, Kalya Scintilla made it to the top ten on Addictech charts in the same year and by 2011 he was touring the U.S. west coast. Kalya Scintilla took hold in the United States as dance floors were all a buzz about the masterful style in which Kalya was throwing down squelchy funky grooves that were uniquely deep and hypnotic. In 2012 he began collaborating with artist Eve Olution inside the album Open Ancient Eyes. New elements took root as these two worked in the studio to add detailed nuances to weave the current mythos of our time within the music. This album is the first of three inside a trilogy dedicated to our human journey, this planet, and our connection to creation itself. Today both Kalya Scintilla and Merkaba are renowned throughout almost every continent on the planet and the popularity of both projects are growing as more & more people are connected with the deep seeded intention of every song.



Some people write music, others create their own universe.

For Asheville based producer and multi-instrumentalist David Krantz, the latter is a way of life.

Through a futuristic blend of bass-heavy dance music, jazz-driven harmonies, and contemplative downtempo dreamscapes, David skillfully and playfully weaves a highly personal sound that truly defies classification. Traversing a wide range of tempos and genres, his versatility is bolstered by creative sound design, acoustic instrumentation, and crisp production.