Red HoneyInside the Taproom
Show:8:00 pm
Food Vendor: TBA
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Goth country meets psychedelic blues!

Pronunciation-      red hun-y. Noun

1- a sweet viscous red fluid generated by honeybees from the nectar of luscious red flowers.  This juice is crafted atop mt……During summer months and said to bear hallucinogenic properties.
2 – a confident woman who rocks the guitar, seduces  the piano and nails the vocals for a one of a kind rich alt country sound.  Bearing A sound dubbed as the secret love child of Johnny cash and grace slick, Red honey is Led by the “honey sweet soaring vocals” of Erika Jane.

Red honey is indigenous to the blue ridge mountains with a flight path spanning the east coast though the midwest and growing.

This band can be spotted in its natural habitat, for example, opening for grace potter at the orange peel.  Sightings have also been documented at various music halls, festivals, breweries ( ex. laaf, lab, pigsah, references available upon request-see field guide).

Synonyms – peach, babe (slang), queen bee, pin up girl, cookie(or cooky), bunny, dolly bird (British), enchantress, knockout, honey

Band’s Reverbnation Page:  Red Honey