The Alarm Clock Conspiracyw/ Hard RocketInside the Taproom
Show:8:00 pm
Food Vendor: Purple People Feeder
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Indie/Rock


Join the Conspiracy…

We are an indie rock / power pop band from Asheville, NC. We have played hundreds of shows since 2009 and love what we do. The “conspiracy” which we speak of, is the fallacy that all humans must awake to a bellowing alarm clock each morning, only to rush off to work at a job that they truly hate. We are the spearheads of a revolution against day jobs everywhere. Our influences are drawn from the 60’s and 70’s, but have been adapted into modern, original music that has been exciting audiences and steadily building a crowd base of dedicated fans backed by high energy performances and genuine musicianship.

Born In The Morning Sun

Chris and Ian have been playing together as an acoustic act for almost ten years. In 2009 they decided to fill out the band with bass and drums. Enter Jamie and Wes. Since then, the band has been performing relentlessly in Western NC and the southeast. In mid 2013, we added John and his keyboards to fill the gaps.

Surrender To The World

In 2012, we released our first, self-produced album with the help of our friend and engineer Greg Sipes. That album featured Michael Guggino (Steep Canyon Rangers mandolin), Forrest Smith(pedal steel) and Isaac Wells(percussion) on several of the tracks. In January of 2013, that album drew the attention of a record label from Athens, GA and landed us a recording contract. They sent us to record with legendary producer/engineer/pro-tools guru, John Keane, in his studio in Athens. John has been in the industry for years and worked with the likes of R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, and Warren Zevon just to name a few. With a gold and platinum winning producer on our side, we were on cloud nine for sure. Randall Bramblett (Traffic, Greg Allman Band, Steven Winwood, and countless studio sessions) also honored us by playing on two of the songs! We are titling the album, “Harlequin”.



Hard Rocket crash-landed in the mountains of WNC 3 years ago to rock Asheville off its foundation. Cosmonauts Colonel Lewison Clark, Sir Guido Stein and Captain Rubio Gold armed with the essentials for Rock-n-Roll have been playing around town winning over converts one Rock show at a time. Colonel Lewison Clark, armed with his Les Paul Jr. aka Johnny Crunch and his SG Jr. aka Johnny Lightning, has been the main force behind Hard Rocket’s success. Guido Stein possesses the Sonic Boom of the universe with his Bam Bam drum kit and his Mighty Max chops. Rubio Gold digs in his trusty Fender bass, attacking audiences with his rapid-fire 8th notes. Not afraid to wave the Rock-n-Roll flag, the members of Hard Rocket wear their influences on their sleeves. Aficionados of straight-up Rock-n-Roll love this band because they rock hard, hence the name Hard Rocket. Along the way Renegade Rebel Rod joined forces with Hard Rocket and he has added the One, Two Punch to make the band of Misfits a lethal Rock-n-Roll band.