The VegabondsInside the Taproom
Show:8:00 pm
Food Vendor: Out of the Blue Peruvian
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Rock-n-Roll

“The Vegabonds [January 2015 Relix Jam-off Winners] are five southern rockers based in Nashville, TN bringing their “New South Rock” to the forefront of the rock-and-roll and jam scene. With three albums already out in the musical world and a new record due [February 2016], their explosion is only a matter of time!” – Relix Magazine

After seven years of touring the world, a few original projects under their belt and an unwavering devotion to their craft, The Vegabonds have completed what might be considered their best work thus far. “What We’re Made Of” consists of hard-hitting lyrics that don’t hesitate to touch on real-life situations like growing up, moving on, heartbreak, loss and the struggles that accompany it all. Well versed, two-time Grammy nominated producer and engineer, Tom Tapley (Destiny’s Child, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen), applied his soulful roots background and passion for rock ‘n’ roll to bring The Vegabonds’ vision to fruition. The combination of Tapley’s unmistakable chops, the analog console’s raw sound and the group’s impeccable instrumentation and vocals creates a genuine style that is exclusively their own. This 12-song journey is their fourth project as a group and the first release they have had since 2012. Over the past 3 years The Vegabonds have discovered what they’re made of and are eager to share their adventure and self-discovery with the masses.