The darkest of Pisgah brews, the beer formerly known as Vortex II took a significant transformation when Pisgah brewers added a heavy dose (25lbs in 5bbls) of raw cocoa nibs to the brite tanks, thus creating what will now only be known as "Chocolatized". Congratulations to the brewers, as this Russian Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs brought home a coveted Gold Medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for the Chocolate Beer Category.

  • Beer Style: Russian Imperial Stout - chocolatized!
  • Availability: on tap, bottles
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 10.5%
  • IBU: 51.7
  • SRM: 50

Meet the newest member of the tribe-LEAF Session Ale. In our 11th year of collaboration and partnership, Pisgah Brewing Company and LEAF Community Arts have crafted a special brew designed to embody the festival atmosphere found in the late Spring of the Western North Carolina mountains. This refreshingly hoppy Session Ale is best enjoyed amongst friends and family alike.  10% of gross proceeds go back to the LEAF Foundation!

  • Beer Style: Session Ale
  • Availability: on tap, cans
  • Hops: Nugget, Cascade, Ahtanum, Amarillo, Centennial, Mandarina Bavaria
  • Alcohol Content: 5.6%
  • IBU: 30

This seasonably brewed Amber ale exudes a rich, toasted flavor from a base of four organic malts with a crisp hop finish brought on by the edition of Nugget, Centennial, and Mt.Hood hops.  Our Amber ale is brewed bi-annually to coincide with the LEAF festivals in Black Mountain, NC.  10% of all proceeds go to LEAF in Schools and Streets.  Treat yourself and your community.

  • Beer Style: Amber Ale
  • Availability: cans
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt. Hood, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 6.6%
  • IBU: 29.16
  • SRM: 15.64

A beloved specialty, the Red Devil is a careful balance of fresh Belgian ale aged on cherry, raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry compote as it finishes fermentation. The end result is a crisp and fruity ale known to bring out the "Devil" in us all...

  • Beer Style: Cherry-Raspberry Belgian Ale
  • Availability: on tap, bottles
  • Hops: Mt Hood, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 8.5%
  • IBU: 11.27
  • SRM: 4.09

How can it be a pumpkin beer with no pumpkins?... It can’t.  Some do [use real pumpkin], some don’t. We’re doers. Serious doers, actually.  With over 1000lbs of fresh fire-roasted pumpkins provided by our friends at New Sprout Farms, this is a REAL Pumpkin Ale.

  • Beer Style: Pumpkin Ale
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt Hood, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 5.5%
  • IBU: 15.94
  • SRM: 11.17

Organic brown sugar and a moderate blend of whole hops give this English-style barley wine its smooth finish and extra body.  At a hefty 10.3% ABV, this beer is a tribute to North America's largest salamander, the Hellbender.

  • Beer Style: Barley Wine
  • Availability: bombers
  • Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 10.3%
  • IBU: 43.51
  • SRM: 15.83

We have taken our classic Porter recipe, added some appropriate "umph" in the already diverse roasted grain bill, and then finished on raw Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. THEN... we run it on NITRO!! The result is a full-bodied brew of dark color, with subtle sweetness noticed on the first approach while the calming Vanilla flavors ease the palate before the roasted notes fill out the flavor profile. Smooth like a milkshake, just like a great nitro beer should be. Salud!

  • Beer Style: Nitro Porter
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 5.1%
  • IBU: 27
  • SRM: 24.71

We have taken our classic Porter recipe, added some appropriate "umph" in the already diverse roasted grain bill, and then finished on raw Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. The result is a full-bodied brew of dark color, with subtle sweetness noticed on the first approach while the calming Vanilla flavors ease the palate before the roasted notes fill out the flavor profile. Salud!

  • Beer Style: Vanilla Porter
  • Availability: on tap, bottles
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 6%
  • IBU: 27
  • SRM: 24.71

Named for our local gravitational phenomena and containing 3.5 grams in each pint of four whole hop varieties, this slice of hop heaven is wonderfully bitter and balanced just slightly by a huge organic malt bill.

  • Beer Style: Double IPA
  • Availability: bombers
  • Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Centennial, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 8.9%
  • IBU: 112.41
  • SRM: 7.4

How can it be a pumpkin beer with no pumpkins?... It can’t.  Some do [use real pumpkin], some don’t. We’re doers. Serious doers, actually.  We roast local organic heirloom pumpkins in-house for our favorite fall seasonal.  For this variant, we add raw cocoa nibs from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge to add a more rich flavor to our delicious Pumpkin Ale.

  • Beer Style: Chocolate Pumpkin Ale
  • Hops: Mt Hood, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 5.4%
  • IBU: 15.94
  • SRM: 11.17

Using nothing but whole-cone Citra and Simcoe hops, which is accompanied by a medium bodied grain-bill, the Pisgah DIPA boasts an 8.1% ABV and comes in at around 114 IBUs. Once poured, the nose is immediately greeted with tropical notes of pineapple and grapefruit. A pleasant bitterness ensues moments later as this ale approaches the end of the palate, while the ale visually pleases with a medium-light color and appropriate head.

  • Beer Style: Double IPA
  • Hops: Simcoe, Citra, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 8%
  • IBU: 114
  • SRM: 6.3

Brewed with 64% malted white wheat and bittered with the American noble hop Mt Hood, the pale orange hue compliments zesty citrus notes in this unfiltered Spring Wheat Ale. Designed by the Pisgah Brewers to be a refreshingly light ale for the spring and summer months, enjoy on tap and in growlers.

  • Beer Style: American Wheat Ale
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 4.9%
  • IBU: 13.38
  • SRM: 5.63

A caramel, malty red ale that is balance by American bittering and aroma.  Hops after the whirlpool and dry hops give a crisp, full hop flavor. 5% ABV

  • Beer Style: Red Ale
  • Hops: Chinook, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 5.25%
  • IBU: 30.77
  • SRM: 16.25

A new summer refreshment, this crisp wheat beer is brewed with 2-row malted barley and white wheat.  A heaping does of blueberry puree and Peach gives this beer a fruity sensation to the drinker.  A taproom exclusive!

  • Beer Style: Wheat
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 5.1%
  • IBU: 13.28
  • SRM: 5.51

Crisp and delicious is the only way to describe this beer!  Made with Best Pilsen malt, German lager yeast, Mt Hood and Chinook hops.

  • Beer Style: Pilsner
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 6.1%
  • IBU: 24.49
  • SRM: 3.51

This harvest-style ale celebrates the bounty of the seasons.  Deep mahogany in color and evenly hopped, released now for the first day of Fall.  This beer comes in at a comfortable 7.5% ABV.  Happy Equinox everybody!

  • Beer Style: Harvest Ale
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Alcohol Content: 7.5%

Our classic pale ale recipe is given some slight modifications a new bittering and aroma twist with Citra hops. Yum!

  • Beer Style: Pale Ale
  • Hops: Citro, Simcoe, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 5.1%
  • IBU: 47.35
  • SRM: 3.51

Pisgah's tribute to the Belgian tradition and our home-brewing roots, this recipe comes directly out of Dave's old homebrewing notebook.  We combine the rich flavor of a Baltic porter with the subtleness of a special Belgian yeast strain, imagine bananas dipped in dark chocolate liquified in your beer glass.  Honor tradition, Respect beer.

  • Beer Style: Baltic Poter w/ Belgian Yeast
  • Availability: bombers
  • Alcohol Content: 6.7%

This 17th century traditional is a Pisgah staff favorite. Our German-style bock is brewed with Munich malt, whole-leaf hops, and the right German yeast strain to give it the authenticity this style deserves.  Originally brewed for lent to serve as liquid bread for the monks, this beer is loaded with notes of toasted barley malt and backed-up with hint of caramel and toffee.  This rare German treat goes down smooth and finishes clean!

  • Beer Style: Dopplebock
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 6.8%
  • IBU: 9.33
  • SRM: 21.67

An English version of a pale ale, our ESB is brewed with a toasted malt for a deep copper color and toasty aroma.  The authentic English Ale yeast balances the hops and provides and oaky ester.

  • Hops: Nugget, Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 5.5%
  • IBU: 25.34
  • SRM: 10.26

A collaboration of local proportions, we brewed this beer in conjunction with 98.1 The River. Along with whole cone Nugget and Chinook hops, this beer also features a "homegrown" twist in utilizing NC Malts from local malt house Riverbend Malts. The result is a light bodied ale that is refreshingly bitter and easy on the pallet. Cheers!

  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Citra
  • Alcohol Content: 6.8%
  • IBU: 34.98
  • SRM: 3.7

Our take on a British-style Golden Ale, this is your perfect summer beer. Our Blonde Ale is crisp, clean and refreshing, while offering a welcome balance of hop character. Hopped with East Kent Goldings, Cascade, and Nugget hops, you may even find some floral and citrus notes on the backend of this light, straw-colored beer. Easy to drink at 4.7% ABV. “The lightest beer we have on tap!”

  • Beer Style: Blonde Ale
  • Availability: on tap
  • Hops: East Kent Goldings, Cascade, Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 4.7%
  • IBU: 24
  • SRM: 3

Brewed with reverence in the higher elevations of the Mountain County, this Belgian Style Tripel rested gracefully in oak barrels for a full solar revolution, tucked away in our Top Secret Barrel Room waiting patiently to be born. Each barrel is as unique as the people who make this planet great and each bottle is a chance to share with them the bounty of the Mountains.

  • Beer Style: Oak Aged Belgian Style Tripel
  • Availability: bombers
  • Alcohol Content: 9.9%

Brewed with Chinook and Nugget and then dry hopped with heaping doses of Centennial, Simcoe, and Citra hops. This IPA is definitely for hop lovers!

  • Beer Style: American IPA
  • Hops: Nugget, Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe, Citra
  • Alcohol Content: 6.9%
  • IBU: 70
  • SRM: 4

This Imperial Session IPA was brewed with our brothers and sisters of the Asheville Brewers Alliance for release at this year's Beer City Festival 2016. An assortment of whole-cone hops lends to a fruity and fragrant nose, followed by a sensational bitterness only known to IPA's with a light grain bill and heavy hop dosage. Cheers to Asheville Beer! 6.9%

  • Beer Style: It's just beer
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Hops: El Dorado, Amarillo, Idaho 7
  • Alcohol Content: 6.9%
  • IBU: 30.54
  • SRM: 4.02

Independently brewed in the rebellious Buncombe County, this Breakfast Stout is an intrepid sojourn into a realm of heady flavor. Notes of dark roasted coffee and chocolate awaken the pallet after a strong nose of Bourbon from this barrel aged beast laid to rest 11 months in Four Roses Bourbon Barrels. Please enjoy with friends and the appropriate amount of caution. This beer is no Bunk! 11.8% ABV  

  • Beer Style: Bourbon Barrel Aged Breakfast Stout
  • Alcohol Content: 11.8%

This traditional black lager is dark in color, with slight hints of roast and chocolate in the aroma. Cold fermented and aged, the highlights of this beer include a smooth finish and sure drinkability.

  • Hops: Mt. Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 5.3%
  • IBU: 15
  • SRM: 35

In the spirit of Greybeard IPA comes a new hoppy delight...  Brushy Knobb IPA (like Brushy Knobb mountain of the 7-sisters range) is a Citra focused ale on the hot-side with a combination of Citra and Chinook hops added on the cold side while finishing.  This pleasantly bitter brew is stuffed with hops in the west-coast tradition of IPA's.  The Citra and Chinook hops deliver a fruity and pungent aroma on the nose, while Citra carries it home with the desirable bitter aftermath left on the pallet. 6.8% ABV

  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Hops: Citra, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 6.8%%

 Little Slaty is a Session IPA focused on an aromatic hop profile and a medium-light grain bill. Alternated additions of Simcoe and Citra lend to this crisp, pungent hop flavor without sacrificing refreshment. The 7-sisters IPA series is named for the mountain range that overlooks the brewery in the Swannanoa River Valley of which Greybeard Mountain (namesake for Pisgah's Greybeard IPA) is the father mountain.

  • Beer Style: Extra Pale
  • Hops: Mosaic, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 5.4%
  • IBU: 43
  • SRM: 4

The third installment of our Seven Sisters IPA series, this session IPA represents the smallest mountain of the sisters and is brewed with Columbus, Chinook, and Nugget hops. 4.9% ABV

  • Beer Style: Session IPA
  • Hops: Columbus, Chinook, Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 4.9%

The 2nd in the 7-sisters series of IPA's, the Stomping Knobb IPA is a mouthful of floral hop aroma and bitterness to match as it goes down.  Focusing on the Columbus hop, Stomping Knobb IPA also features a delicate balance of Citra and Chinook that gives this beer a distinct bitterness while keeping the grain bill light as to focus on the hop flavors. This beer is named for one of the middle range peaks of the 7-sisters range in the Swannannoa River Valley, of which Greybeard is the father mountain.  

  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Hops: Columbus, Citra, Chinook
  • Alcohol Content: 6.5%

This robust brew combines a massive grain-bill of 5 organic roasted malts with brewer’s oats, then ages on raw cocoa nibs from French Broad Chocolate Factory, raw Madagascar vanilla beans, raw cinnamon and fire roasted Guajillo, Habanero and Anchillo peppers from the makers of Firewalker Hot Sauce. The result is a full-bodied stout rich with complex notes of roasted chocolate, mild vanilla and a spicy finish on the palate.

  • Beer Style: Spiced Stout
  • Availability: bottles
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 7.2%
  • IBU: 47
  • SRM: 41

Dark and mysterious, this Pisgah beer is a tribute to Belgian tradition and our homebrew roots.  Combining the rich flavor of the Baltic Porter with the subtleness of a special Belgian yeast strain, the Cosmos is born.  We then age this marvel of brewing passion in Caribbean rum barrels for 87 days.

  • Beer Style: Baltic Poter w/ Belgian Yeast
  • Alcohol Content: 9.5%%

Treat yourself to the drink of choice for Imperial Czars and Noblemen of the old Russian court.  This brew is one of the richest of Pisgah beers, aged three months in the finest Kentucky Bourbon barrels with flavors of roasted sherry and oaky vanilla.

  • Beer Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Alcohol Content: 11.2%%
  • IBU: 49.6
  • SRM: 50

A warming Amber Ale made with three unique caramel malts, a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Mt Hood hops round out this seasonal treat, coming in at 8.1% ABV    

  • Beer Style: Winter Warmer
  • Hops: Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 8.1%
  • IBU: 13

Pisgah's brown ale is made with Riverbend malt (grown in NC and malted in Asheville).  A classic brown ale with a medium body and a deep brown color.  Malty and a little bitter. Mmmmm.

  • Beer Style: Brown Ale
  • Alcohol Content: 5.5%
  • IBU: 23.84
  • SRM: 19.5

A German-style ale brewed for the Oktoberfest season.  Our Kolsch is straw colored with a light body and a delicate malt aroma.  It's the perfect festival and session beer!

  • Beer Style: American Kolsch
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Hops: Mt Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 4.9%

This Belgian Noel takes its name from Jan Baptista Van Helmont, the Flemish chemist and physician who first discovered CO2 and coined the word "gas" by recognizing the existence of gases distinct from air.  This energy luminary was the founder of pneumatic chemistry and also the first to bridge alchemy and early chemistry.  Hats off to the man behind the bubble! Made with homemade candy sugar... Proost and Happy Holidays!

  • Beer Style: Belgian Noel
  • Alcohol Content: 11%

This belgian-style ale is light in esthers of banana and forward in citrus and bubblegum notes.  Full in flavor yet light in body, this ale features Bastogne Gold yeast from Belgium.  7% abv

  • Beer Style: Belgian Golden
  • Alcohol Content: 7%

In celebration of the warming weather we proudly present our newest brew, a traditional  Belgian-style Witbier  brewed with rolled oats, malted wheat, Organic barley and whole leaf hops.  This seasonal offering has a nose of cloves and fresh fruit with a light quaffable body for the summer days ahead.

  • Beer Style: Belgian-style Witbier
  • Alcohol Content: 5%

This year's Bacon Stout was brewed special with hand selected ingredients chosen by our friends at Blind Pig Supper Club of Asheville.  Using Benton's Smokehouse Farms bacon, Riverbend Malts and Coates Family Farms Sorghum Molasses.  This one-of-a-kind stout is chock full of Bacon flavor, from the smokey first sip to the rich bodied finish.  Officially known as Benton's Bacon Snout!

  • Alcohol Content: 6%

We proudly present the 2nd annual edition of the Butcher Babe Smoked Porter, brewed in honor of local butchery and meat shop Butcher Babe right here in Black Mountain, NC!  Roasted barley and notes of chocolate balance this porter brewed with a special (and literal) smoked malt.  A late edition of local honey from Sunbird Honey Farms adds a subtle sweetness to this bold brew. Enjoy this well-rounded, unique beer, reminiscent of an open fire.

  • Beer Style: Smoked Porter
  • Alcohol Content: 7.1%
  • IBU: 13

A new summer refreshment, this crisp wheat beer is brewed with 2-row malted barley and white wheat. A heaping dose of Cherry gives this Spring Wheat a fruity twist!

  • Beer Style: American Wheat Beer with Cherry
  • Hops: Nugget, Mt. Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 5.3%
  • IBU: 12
  • SRM: 6

Roasted dark malts with a pound per barrel of toasted coconut make this Coconut Porter an unforgettable beer.  Brewed exclusively for the Blind Pig Supper Club "Food Truck Battle" event.  Find this beer on tap at Pisgah Brewing Company and at local Blind Pig Supported Restaurants in Asheville. Chock-full of coconut love!

  • Beer Style: Porter

Taking inspiration from the Bruins of old, this Belgian-style Dubbel - brewed just miles from America's most precious watersheds - offers a copper-brown color and aromas of clove and banana. Flavors of spice, clove and dates accompany the notes of warming alcohol and light toasted malts for a smooth finish.

  • Beer Style: Belgian Dubbel
  • Availability: bombers
  • Hops: Mt. Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 7.7%
  • IBU: 18
  • SRM: 15

Extra pale ale made with Cascade hops!

Named for the style's origin as a Farmhouse Ale, Saison's are traditionally brewed with the leftover crops of the late fall season and aged for consumption in the following summer.  Our saison is light in body with a crisp bitterness to the palate while leaving room for a floral finish.  And easy drinking warm weather beer, our Ferme Saison comes in at 4.8% abv

  • Beer Style: Saison

Dry, crisp, and clean, this authentic German lager is cold fermented and lagered for six weeks.  This pilsner is straw colored and a bit bitter with a soft flower aroma.

One of America's few indigenous beer styles, this malt-forward ale is a nod to Prohibition-era brewing traditions in Appalachia and Kentucky. It's rich malt profile lends the beer a deep amber color, despite it's medium-light body and sessionable 5.3% ABV. With chocolate malts and the addition of flaked maize, this beer combines rich and smooth, resulting in an old-fashioned American ale that will quench your thirst.

  • Beer Style: Kentucky Common
  • Availability: on tap
  • Hops: Northern Brewer
  • Alcohol Content: 5.3%
  • IBU: 24

Delicate and Light, we've waited a long time to brew this delicious treat! It's 40% corn and 4.75% ABV.  A hint of flowery, spicy hops with a light grain backbone make this beer a complete success.  Squeeze a lime and enjoy this "Yacht Rock" of beers...¡no lo pierda!

Made even more "creamy" with the addition of nitrogen, this version of our classic Cream Ale is light and refreshing. It's perfect for a hot summer day!

  • Beer Style: Cream Ale
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Alcohol Content: 4.6%
  • IBU: 14

This marzen-style lager, brewed with Munich malts in the old world tradition, is rich in body and crisp on the palette.  A favorite style of the Pisgah brewers, this Oktoberfest is full in flavor from a carefully balanced grain-bill.

  • Beer Style: Oktoberfest
  • Alcohol Content: 4.9%
  • IBU: 20
  • SRM: 10

In the Sprit of Metanoia comes the latest creation of the barrel-aging program at Pisgah Brewing. Known as Pisgah Oak Aged Pale (P.O.A.P.) this beer is exactly as it sounds - the classic Pisgah Pale Ale aged for a year in Oak wine barrels. A proprietary blend of barrels makes this unique sour beer tart and robust from start to finish. Released in a limited run of 750ml bottles on 11/25/14. 4.8% abv

  • Beer Style: Sour

Our take on a classic English pub ale. Brewed with 60 lbs of NC Honey and gassed with nitrogen instead of CO2, this light golden colored beer has aromas of honey, wildflowers and a light malt character.

  • Beer Style: Blonde
  • Hops: Mt. Hood
  • Alcohol Content: 4.2%
  • IBU: 23

This Belgian-style blond drinks like a lager, but is brewed as an ale fermenting at 60 degrees.  A light, session-able beer, Brewer's Reserve will only be available as a limited release in small batches as well as for special barrel-aged releases.

  • Beer Style: Belgian-style Blonde
  • Alcohol Content: 5%

At Pisgah we're all about pushing the envelope and broadening our horizons!  Getting away from the big, bold flavors of hopped-up ales and such, we explore the other end of the spectrum with this fine American lager.

The chocolate malts in this medium bodied, earthy stout balance out the slight spiciness from the flaked rye.

  • Beer Style: Stout
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 7.3%
  • IBU: 15.67
  • SRM: 46.96

Extra pale ale deliciousness...  

  • Beer Style: Xtra Pale Ale
  • Availability: unavailable
  • Alcohol Content: 5%
  • IBU: 40.19
  • SRM: 3.6

This blonde ale is made with the finest organic 2-row barley malt, whole leaf Mount Hood hops, Nugget hops, water, and top-fermenting ale yeast. Old-school Pisgah classic.

Treat yourself to the drink of choice for imperial czars & nobelmen of the old russian court. One of the darkest of pisgah beers, this stout will explore the boundaries of your pallet while subtly pounding the weaker links between your slower braincells.

  • Beer Style: Russian Imperial Stout
  • Availability: bombers
  • Hops: Nugget
  • Alcohol Content: 11.2%
  • IBU: 65
  • SRM: 44