Daryl Hance PowermuseInside the Taproom
Show: 8:00 pm
Food Vendor: TBA
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Southern-flavored psychedelic swampy groove

With Wild Blue Iris, Daryl Hance delivers another dusty slab ofSouthern­flavored psychedelic swampy groove music withenough hearty sides to satisfy most anyone whose appetiteconsists of pre­1975 or so funk and blues­inspired rock and rollmusic fortified with searing bluesy guitars, fuzzy super­fatvintage tones, heaps of bottom­end, and transcendental songshigh on life, hope, fun, love, and living. Brought to life via his liveband Daryl Hance Powermuse, a not to be missed high­octanepower­packed punch of deeply hypnotic grooves, good times,and a deep catalog of great songs readily available for everyoneto dig in on, and groove out to!

Wild Blue Iris, the third full­length album from the Jacksonville,Florida singer/guitarist, is a burner of heaping proportions bestingested with your beverage of choice, and a taste of some ofyour finest herbal­essence. The added company of a few friendlyfolks, some lovely ladies, and a can­do attitude could only helpmake things here more enjoyable. Its tone is a vibe harkeningback to the days of the magic created in the mid/late 1960sthrough the early to mid 1970s, music drenched in blues andfunk, played with a heart­on­your­sleeve spirit no­nonsense rockand roll attitude of good times and great songs. At just over 48minutes in length, the deal here is simply start at the front of thealbum, play through to the end, then repeat as deemed necessaryand share. For optimum results, play it really loud with lots oflow­end as this music is created and designed to be listened to ata volume where you can feel the bottom and experience it fully!