ExciterboxInside the Taproom
Show: 8:00 pm
Food Vendor: Vegan It
Free Show
Treat yourself to: Power Pop Duo

Cristal Rose and Agustin began their musical journey together in 2016. Agustin was practicing with Zabumba, his samba drum group at Cristal’s next door neighbors house. She invited him over after practice to jam– and the rest is history. They had an instant musical connection and have since been evolving their own sound and original music together. Cristal writes and expresses her voice with deep, fearless, lyrical themes of eco-sensuality, current events, social justice, and feminism. She is multitalented with guitar, alto saxophone and native flute assisting to further express her musicality. Agustin holds it down on the drums, percussion, and XPDS. They are currently recording and co-producing their first album of original music called Sweet Arrow with Michael Hynes of Nomatic Studios.

Cristal Rose Fox- Lyrics, Vocals, Alto Sax (King Super 20) Guitar (Quinn Instruments Custom, Ibenez) Native Flute (Made by Geri LittleJohn).
Agustin Frederic- Beats, drums, percussion, vocals.