The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same


April 2, 2013


(BLACK MOUNTAIN, N.C.) – Pisgah Brewing Company of Black Mountain, N.C., announces that it will no longer receive organic certification from the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) for its products.  Since its inception in 2005, Pisgah Brewing Company has been renowned for its organic beer selection, brewed with nothing but whole-leaf hops, all-organic grains and organic ingredients.   Pisgah Pale Ale is one of the most widely sold beers in the Buncombe County region, and the word “Organic” could be found on the brewery’s logo, labels, and brand.

In 2008, the USDA handed down to organic producers that their certification would no longer allow exceptions to the 100% organic rule for ingredients that are either not available in certified organic form, or not 100% certified organic.  This is mainly due to certain fertilizers or processes in packaging, and the USDA put a deadline in March of 2013 for participants to change their ingredients, or lose certification.  After 5 years of this debate, Pisgah Brewing Company has decided that it will not change its operations, ingredients or recipes in any way, thus forfeiting their USDA Organic Certification.

Aside from the organic certification, Pisgah Brewing products stand apart from a majority of operating breweries in their use of whole-leaf hops.  It is industry standard for hop pellets to be used in the brewing process, which are mashed and processed into small pellets, resembling something much like those used in wood smokers.  Whole Leaf hops are sealed and packaged as they are off of the vine, a tactic which craft brewing industry leader Sierra Nevada has used throughout their existence.

Dave Quinn, owner and creator of Pisgah Brewing Company and it’s many recipes, states, “nothing about our process will change whatsoever.  We will take the organic logo off of our labels, advertising and logos, and will remain the same Pisgah Brewing Company everyone has come to know and love.  We will brew with nothing but the finest and most locally sourced ingredients we can find.”

Pisgah Brewing’s doors remain open to the public daily, and patrons can be a part of one of the many brewery tours offered at Pisgah every Saturday afternoon to see their operations for themselves.

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